14 Apr 2014

Spring is…..

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Spring is the most fun season.

Spring is not to hot and not to cold.

Spring is the season for plants to grow.

Spring is he season for outdoor sports because it’s breeze.

Spring is the time to go outside and have some fun

14 Apr 2014

blog challenge week 5

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Memories mean something you did in the past and you remember it really well. Memories can affect your daily lives in a good way or in a bad way. A good memory is, say you won a really big contest with a gigantic trophy. A bad memory is, if a team of bullies start kicking you around and you got badly injured. Good memories will change your attitude to happy. Bad memories will change your attitude to sad. If you had a good memory and it’s still stuck in your brain then you might be bouncing around like crazy. If you had a bad memory you might be acting sad or crying. If you have a bad memory keep it at the back of your head and think to the fun times you had. If you have a good memories keep it with you.

5 Apr 2014

top 10 video games! (my opinion)

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  1. Pokémon
  2. Injustice gods among us
  3. Dragon ball Z battle of the gods
  4. Dragon ball Z battle of the Z’s
  5. Minecraft
  6.  NHL 14
  7.  FIFA 14
  8.  NBA2K14
  9. Flappy Bird
  10. Call of duty
3 Apr 2014

blog challenge #4 activity 1

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After watching the video I have learned that if you make a
picture on your computer or your laptop and you don’t want anyone to make changes
to your work, you will need to have a specific license to do that. There are
layers of licences (copy but cannot be changed, copy that can be changed and
copy that can be used for commercial purpose). The person who created the original
work can make money. If you want people to make changes to your work, you will
need to be aware that people will make changes that you don’t like. The internet
is a powerful thing because it can embarrass you or make you really happy. If you
go to this site called CC (creative contents) you can get all sorts of licenses.
Think twice if you want your work to be sent out across the world.

2 Apr 2014

Autism awareness day

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Autism is a mental disorder so if you come across a person with autism let them take time to answer your question.autism

24 Mar 2014

student blog challenge week 3

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It is important to check your settings because anyone can invade your personal information if you are on twitter, Facebook and instagram. If you default your settings the people who created your device will now know what gender you are, which country are you in and many more. This information can be emailed to people all across the world and they can bully you continuously and you can commit yourself to suicide. Everyone will know if you post a post. If you have a twitter, email, Facebook, and instagram account please beware of what you post.

19 Mar 2014

Arnav blog challenge #2

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6 Mar 2014

Beach day at kindred

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9 Feb 2014

wild ride

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Yesterday I heard a book called Wild Ride.
There were four people, 1 man, 2 boys, and a girl who were waiting at a campsite for a plane. The plane arrived after 3 hours. They set off and a heavy storm damaged their plane. The pilot died and Nadia, Devin, Marcus, and Wiley were stranded on an island. Wiley broke his arm but Nadia and Devin were able to fix Wiley’s broken arm. First Nadia put a splint and Devin wrapped duct tape around Wiley’s arm. Finally they put a sling on Wiley’s arm to secure the broken arm. They set up a natural resource tent and they slept. Wiley set that area on fire. Wiley set that area on fire because Devin found a note Wiley’s briefcase. It said that he was working in a company that would cut down all the trees. Also he didn’t want the kids to nose around in his business. Nadia, Marcus, and Devin ran away from the fire as fast as they could. All 3 of them made it across the harsh rapids. Nadia, Marcus, and Devin made it to the mountain peak. They found Wiley at the peak. A bear came and all of them were frightened. The bear harmed only Wiley because he was running. Wiley got injured real badly but he was still alive. Nadia and Devin were so happy to hear that Wiley got arrested because he left Nadia, Devin, and Marcus in the woods while a fire started spreading. Finally Nadia and Devin kicked back and relaxed.
My feelings,
This story made me feel worried because a fire can spread really fast. I thought that Nadia, Devin and Marcus would die at some point in the fire, but thankfully they survived.

29 Jan 2014

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