How it started

I want to become the best table tennis player in the world. My family and I went to India and stayed at a hotel. I saw my dad and this kid playing table tennis and I was really fascinated by the game. When I saw the game I knew it was going to be my future. I really like table tennis because you have to concentrate a lot because it is very fast game. I also like how you have to time your shots instead of whacking hard all around the table. After that day I tried to play table tennis every day with my dad. So now I am devoted to table tennis and I will keep trying to improve.


                                                          How I am going to get better

I am going to excel at the game by practicing every day with my dad. I like my dad as a table tennis player because his serve is deadly and his aim is precise. I am a base line player which means that I only play defensive shots not offensive. I don’t like being offensive because the opponent will smash it right back at you. I am going practice for four hours a day because some of the top players do that and that’s why they are the best.  Then I plan to go to a camp and practice my heart out there. After that I intend to play minor tournaments and be the best I can be. Third of all I will play in the big leagues and win all the tournaments there. Finally I will go around the world with my team and play thrilling matches.



One of my goals is to beat the best table tennis player which is Jan-Ove Waldner. I will beat Jan-Ove Waldner at his own game. He is called the service king because he is good at serving. One of my strategies is to improve my serve and target it. I plann to beat him by staying cool and calm. My second goal is to practice in China with an official team. I would like to join the Fujian Provincial Team because they are the best team in China. I would want to join this team because it is in China and China produces some of the best players. I want to compete in the largest table tennis tournament which is the Baiyun Sports Bureau.

So after writing this I will try to do all of this. Thank you for reading my post and make sure you leave a comment.

Here is the best table tennis player in the world

table tennis player


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I think Gandhi is the best leader because he fought of the war with peace. Did you know when the British went back  someone disagreed with Gandhi decisions an so he shot him. That was the end of Gandhi. Today all over India Gandhi is known as the father of India. India respects Gandhi because their money bills show Gandhi on the cover. i really respects Gandhi as well and he lives all around my house.

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Memories mean something you did in the past and you remember it really well. Memories can affect your daily lives in a good way or in a bad way. A good memory is, say you won a really big contest with a gigantic trophy. A bad memory is, if a team of bullies start kicking you around and you got badly injured. Good memories will change your attitude to happy. Bad memories will change your attitude to sad. If you had a good memory and it’s still stuck in your brain then you might be bouncing around like crazy. If you had a bad memory you might be acting sad or crying. If you have a bad memory keep it at the back of your head and think to the fun times you had. If you have a good memories keep it with you.